At All-refinishing I provide high quality professional refinishing of all types of bathtubs, sinks, counter tops, vanities, crack repair and etc. Tub cut specialist.
    Any refinishing which is made by myself will show you a good-quality and bring a new, amazing-look to your house. Also, it's about 70% less to do all refinishing then to purchase the new ones.
    I'm as a weel-experienced technician provide a high-quality job and promise to do my best to turn you into antoher satisfied customer. I'm working to sutisfy all customer's expectations. Ask about warranty.


Bathtub and Tile Refinishing


There are five main parts on each project:

Clean and Prepare: Removing of any fixtures if necessary, special cleaning is applied, areas that are chipped or need filling will be specially treated, sanding if necessary.

Fix & Patch: Damaged areas, like chips or scratches, are then filled and repaired. Special etching solution will be applied.

Deep Clean: One more time all the area needs to be deep cleaned, all residues need to be removed.

Bond & Glaze: Different techniques of spraying and rolling are applied depending of the contour of the fixture that is being treated. Specially designed acrylic top coating is apply to ensure long lasting bonding and durability. Variety of finishes and colors are available.

Polishing & Caulking: If necessary we’ll polish the treated area to bring even more that desirable shine. The whole area is then re-caulked.